The Parents Advisory Board (PAB) is made up of nine parents as established in the PAB Regulations. The PAB proposes and implements projects that enhance the school, advises the school board on various matters concerning the school, and promotes a positive, constructive atmosphere around the school. Parents who are interested in becoming PAB members and who have been with the school for at least two years, may apply through the school directors by May every two years.


The School promotes a community spirit with maximum co-operation between parents and the School. Everyone works to ensure that the educational and social needs of the child are identified and provided with due care and attention.

Parents can get involved in the School community as class representatives, or by means of the Parent Advisory Board (PAB) and the Friends of St. Louis Association.

Class representatives are elected by the parents of each class at the beginning of each school year and serve as the link between the families, the teacher and the PAB. Class representatives meet the school director on a regular basis.


Friends of St. Louis

Friends of St. Louis is a group of parents comprised of past and present PAB members as well as parents who so admired the work of existing school-related parent associations that they wished to bring this tradition to St. Louis as well. The association aims to help increase the quality of St. Louis' scholastic and extracurricular environment for all St. Louis students by organising social, sporting, and charity events throughout the school year. These events will be an opportunity to raise money that will in turn launch new projects that will benefit current and future students.

How to lend your support

Anyone who shares the association's vision and is willing to donate time, ideas, project proposals, and/or professional support, is invited to join. It is also possible to make a donation to the Friends of St. Louis, thereby becoming a sustaining member. In similar scholastic associations, anyone who makes a financial contribution to this type of non-profit group is thus considered an active member, as will be the case with the Friends of St. Louis. Sustaining members are entitled to view financial reports as well as minutes from all official meetings held by the Friends of St. Louis.

Contact Information


To make a donation:

Banca Mediolanum, c/c intestato Friends of St Louis
IBAN IT68 T030 6234 2100 0000 1254 338


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