Admission to the School at all levels is subject to an interview with the parents of a prospective student. It is advised that parents enroll their children to St. Louis starting from 2-3 years old in order to guarantee their place in the school in the following years, where there is a waiting list. From five years old upwards pupils are required to pass an Assessment Test. 


  1. Parents are kindly asked to complete the School Visit Information Form
  2. Along with the School Visit Information Form, a short letter to introduce the family should be sent to the school by e-mail to  
  3. Parents are also asked to send a copy of their child’s most recent school report if they have already attended a school
  4. Parents will receive an e-mail to arrange a school visit
  5. From Primary school upwards, after the initial visit, parents interested in enrolling their child must register them for an assessment test which involves payment of a non-refundable fee of 100 euro
  6. The school will communicate the test result to parents and offer places accordingly
  7. When the school offers a place, parents will be asked to sign the enrolment and school regulation form, a copy of which will be given to parents at the school visit

If your child is five years old or above please proceed to read the Assessment Test page

For further information call +39 02 55231235 or e-mail

SCHOOL FEES 2017 - 2018

Enrolments for the 2018/19 school year commencing in September are now open. Do not miss this special opportunity to become part of our learning family.

Call 02 552 312 35 to register your application and interest.

School Registration fee (first year only) € 2800 once-off

Enrolment fee € 1800 /year

Lunch fee € 1280 /year



The school entrusts the school bus services to an external organisation. 

School Bus Service

The school bus service is run by a private company which offers 2 transport options.

1. School Bus

The school bus is a 15 or 30 seater, has 1 bus assistant and will stop as near as possible to your address as requested. 

2. City Centre Bus

The city centre bus is a 30 or 50 seater and has 1 bus assistant. There are some routes with fixed stops.



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