The St. Louis School of Milan is an International school which provides a high-quality education within a friendly, secure, purposeful environment, in which we foster creativity, independence of thought and an enduring love of learning which prepares our students to take their future role as citizens of the world. By embracing the different backgrounds of our pupils we instil within our children an appreciation of the rights of individuals irrespective of race, creed and culture.

We believe that everyone within the school community should be treated with respect, tolerance, fairness and concern. By actively involving our parental body in assisting their children to learn, we also create an openness that builds mutual trust and appreciation which socially models a climate of international understanding.

From our Mission Statement


SLS Via Colonna

Via Marco Antonio Colonna 22-28, 149 Milano | 02.33007523

SLS Via Caviglia

Via Enrico Caviglia, 1 20139 Milano | 02.55231235

SLS Via Pantano

Via Pantano, 13 20122 | 02.36723970

Boarding School

Via Marco Antonio Colonna 22-28, 149 Milano | 02.33007523


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